Why Do You Need a Cover Letter?

Cover letters are the most intimidating for job seekers. As if getting a perfect CV is not enough, job seekers have to create a cover letter to get the attention of recruiters. Frustrated and often short on time, most candidates simply ignore or copy/paste poorly written cover letters from the internet and send it to the recruiter, assuming that the letter is hardly important. The candidates believe that the resume is enough to get the interview call, but, unfortunately, in the corporate world, every requirement matters specifically that of a cover letter. So why do you need a cover letter? Here are some important reasons.

1. Resumes All Start To Look The Same To Recruiters And Employers

Recruiters and employers get applications and resumes that for the most part all look the same. This means it is a nearly level playing field until you include a cover letter. Your cover letter lets you tell your employer how you are different than the hundred other nearly identical resumes on their desk.

2. Your Cover Letter Allows You To Highlight What’s Relevant To The Job

You can summarize all your skills and highlight how they relate to the job you are applying for in your cover letter, instead of counting on your recruiter or potential employer to read through your entire resume. The cover letter for a resume doesn’t have to follow a specific order as with a resume, so you can start with the most important skill relevant to the job you are applying for because you want your potential employers to know you have the skills they need.

3. A Cover Letter For A Resume Focuses On The Employer And How You Fit With Their Company, Rather Than Just Your Skills and Qualifications

A resume primarily focuses on you and your achievements, but the cover letter of a resume focuses of the employer. This means you can show what you know about your potential employers organization/company or industry in the cover letter. You could also include reasons why you want to work there and the specific contributions you can make to that industry.

In other words, you get to spell out directly to your potential employer why you are a fit for their company or organization, rather than requiring them to read through your resume and figure it out themselves. You are handing them yourself on a silver platter.

4. Your Cover Letter Gives The Potential Employer His or Her First Impression Of You

We all know that first impressions determine whether we get a date or make a new friend. Well, the same is true in the business world. Since resumes all look fairly similar, they really do not immediately convey anything about you as an individual or your personality. Think of a cover letter for a resume as a chance to create a lasting first impression, speaking in your own words and expressing your own unique personality and individuality. This letter makes the recruiter/employer like you and stands out from hundreds of other applicants, so it should be constructed in such a way that it shows you are qualified, personable, sociable, and the best choice.

5. Your Cover Letter is Your First Non-Verbal Impression 

Cover letters are super hard to write because you have to use written text to give the employer an overview or an initial impression of you as the potential candidate. It’s literally the first introduction the employer will have of you and get a glimpse of your personality as well as your suitability for the job.

So! Ready to submit your cover letter? Don’t be afraid. Follow our guide on what makes a good cover letter  and start writing a brilliant letter, with the capacity to impress!